As conscientious individuals endowed with the art of the practice of hypnosis, we pledge ourselves:

  1. To Practise this art for the good of humanity and in compliance with the ideals that make us qualified to do so.
  2. That we will not tolerate any transgressors of this natural science.
  3. That we will not cloak in mystery such truths as we come to know them.
  4. That our aim will be enlightenment and not concealment. We will recognise the higher power within. We recognise that ignorance is the cause of mistrust and knowledge is the cure.
  5. That we will bind our forces together for good, and will have at hand the essentials necessary to explode superstition and disbelief, being mentally and intellectually balanced with common sense reasoning so that our science will be worthy of the place and the recognition it deserves.
  6. That we blend our qualifications in a harmonious relationship, strengthen our forces and tender our abilities to accomplish the most good.
  7. That we will be open minded to reasoning factors, acclaim the better proven methods, and listen intelligently to the leaders in our field.
  8. That we will not practise in doubt but in faith and belief all proven and established methods.
  9. That we will lend support to right any injustice and will relinquish any affiliations of a detrimental nature that would harm ourselves, our guild, or the service of hypnotism.
  10. That our thoughts will be positive and good, that we may radiate the high ideals we maintain within ourselves, and that we practice as qualified practitioners be we self-hypnotists, Hypnotherapists, hypnologists or students.