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The Portal of Light, serving to assist humanity in these exciting times of transformation as we experience the planetary shift in consciousness, while entering the dimensional evolution of the One-Mind-Consciousness in the Universe…


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1st Swedish Class - July 2022

1st Swedish HypnoPresentation 7Jul22 1st Swedish Class 10Jul22 Jerry1 1st Swedish Class 10Jul22 Jerry2 1st Swedish Class 10Jul22 Kurt 1st Swedish Class 10Jul22 Lars

Hypnotism work at Astral, MSCT International Chapter (Malaysia) and the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA

pg_01 pg_02 pg_03 pg_04 pg_05 pg_06 pg_07 pg_08 pg_09 pg_10 pg_11 pg_12 pg_13 pg_14 pg_15 pg_16 pg_17 pg_18 pg_19 pg_20 pg_21 pg_22 pg_23 pg_24 pg_25 pg_26 pg_27 pg_28 pg_29 pg_30 pg_31 pg_32 pg_33 Dowsing the extent of the auric energy fields. Body Catalepsy achieved in a hypnotized state. A hypnotised executive enjoying deep relaxation. Hypnotherapy demonstration in a self-hypnosis class. A steely human plank manifested by a deeply relaxed mind. The deeply hypnotised being walked on, unsupported. A Hypnotised CEO enjoying deep relaxation absorbing suggestions. A steely human plank manifested by a deeply relaxed mind.       Auto-suggestion of turning from hard to loose and limp.        Chooi Chin, the Mind-Mastery Coach to the CEOs.        Auto-suggestion of leg and arm locking catalepsy.

Interfaith Spiritual Fellowship (INSaF) United Religions Initiative Kuala Lumpur Cooperation Circle (URIKLCC) of the URI..

pg_34 pg_35 pg_36 pg_37 pg_38 pg_39 pg_40 pg_41 pg_42       Chooi Chin with Bishop Swing of the URI United Religions Initiative.        Chooi Chin with Dr. T.D. Singh of the URI United Religions Initiative.        Chooi Chin with Rev. Canon Charles Gibbs of the URI United Religions Initiative.

The Charity Home Visits Programme (CHVP), The British Graduates Association, Malaysia (BGAM).

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Malaysian Co-creator of the Earth Rainbow Network, ERN, South East Asian Network of Light, Light Link Affiliate of the Silver Dove Congress 2000, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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