"Ms. Goh's presentation was excellent! I admired the way she tackled difficult questions. On therapeutic benefits, my blood pressure has stabilized. A practical course, well presented with more than adequate documentation. Keep up the good work!"

Tan Sri Dr. Raja A. Nordin. Chairman, Koperasi Doktor, Malaysia, K.L.

"Ms. Goh's absolutely confidence in delivering her teaching in such simple clarity and practicality. Well composed and poised, very positive and motivating, competent and indeed enlightening! It was really a mental holiday; discovering the wonderful experience of hypnosis which can be so real, once we willingly set out to explore the 'unknown' innerself. This will be a lifetime pleasure for only RM850.00. Grab the opportunity!"

Mr. Louis Tham. Asst. General Manager, Yayasan Sabah Shipping S/B,Sabah.

"I consider Ms. Goh's teaching technique as excellent. The difficult "How?" had been presented in a direct, simple and easy to understand 'language'. Most important is, her parting of knowledge is done with LOVE. I would recommend to all my friends as it would benefit them to relieve hidden stress. It would help give them confidence and most importantly, they will understand their true self."

Mr. Jim Rajaratnam. Principal Partner, Raja & Associates, Sabah

"We can assure you that the participants benefited tremendously from Ms. Goh's presentation on Hypno-Sports and it made a significant contribution to the success of the IOC Olympic Solidarity Leadership Course."

Mr. M.P. Haridas. General Manager, Olympic Council of Malaysia.

"The talk Ms. Goh gave and the demonstration that followed were eye-openers. She had very efficiently and professionally dispelled the myths that surround the subject of hypnosis."

Mr. Ramdas Nayar. Vice President, MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur.

"For ten years I played what is known as casual golf. This means that two to three times a year I would go out to the course and hit the ball around with no intention other than the camaraderie of friends. Then, about a year ago I decided to concentrate on the game, thereby enrolling in classes and purchasing a new set of clubs.

As my lessons continued, I thought I would try my new learned skills out on the golf course. When I did, I began experiencing nervousness which was related to a lack of confidence. These problems were isolated to the golf-course only and not the practice range. On the practice range, I would hit the balls exactly as I intended. Both direction and distance were as close to what any amateur could expect.

However, the golf course was another story. On the golf course I experience such a lack of confidence that it disabled me. This lack of confidence made me so nervous that every time I approached the ball I knew I would not hit it well, if hit it at all. When I did manage to get it airborne, it was headed in any direction except the direction of the flag.

These issues became worse when strangers were watching. In an attempt to overcome these problems, I read all the books and viewed all the videos regarding the psychology of golf but with little result. I tried implementing a positive thought process before and during a game but this did not help either. This predicament was quite disturbing, as by nature, I am a very confident person.

In analyzing this problem, I realized that something in my subconscious was making me feel nervous whilst on the course. I thought that if I were able to re-program my subconscious, my game and enjoyment would improve. Although I had never been hypnotized, I read somewhere that this was a course of action taken by many professional athletes.

I spoke to Ms. Goh Chooi Chin and discussed my theory of "Re-Programming" my subconscious mind. Ms. Goh thought this was a perfect application for hypnotherapy. I made an appointment for a session.

After only one session, I no longer experienced these anxieties on the golf course. In as little as one week, my golf scores improved by seven strokes. As my handi-cap was very high to begin with, the improvement of seven strokes did not make me eligible for the PGA tour but I continue to see a slow but consistent improvement in my scores.

Now that I have confidence during my game, I not only enjoy the game much more but I find I can now begin working on the difficult shots the game inevitably offers. This I believe will reduce my handi-cap even further.

As I relate the subconscious mind to a computer program, I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who wishes to overcome negative subconscious thoughts."

David R. Byck

Ms Chooi-Chin Goh was invited to teach a two day Self-Hypnosis workshop at Malindi Natural Healing Centre in January 2002. The teachings were clear and very relevent to the different levels of the attendees,- this is always a difficult thing to achieve but it was attained. This was a very well attended two days and everyone gained great benefit from the content of the course. It was both enjoyable and educational.

Stephanie Jones of the Malindi Centre, Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom

This is to thank you, Chooi Chin, for the very effective hypnotherapy you administered -- I have not smoked a single cigarette for over a year. When I came to you last year, I was smoking 40-60 cigarettes a day for the last 40 years. My family and friends are incredulous -- and very grateful to you, as am I.

Sarla Langdon of Markmaid.com, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

I was a juvenile delinquent and started smoking at the age of 16. Until I had grown up and realised that it is a very bad habit. Smoking not only affects my health and it also turns me into a public nuisance. I had been trying many times and spent a lot on medication to get rid of this bad habit but every time I failed. Until one fine day, I attended a 2-day seminar on self-hypnotism conducted by miss Goh Chooi Chin, I practised the instructions accordingly and finally I managed to quit the bad habit.

Philip Cheong, Founder of The Academy of Fung Shui, Malaysia

I am writing to extend my warmest appreciation for the hypnotherapy treatments you have provided to me in the past. I am happy to be able to tell you without a doubt that the positive suggestions you left me with in only two treatments have helped me deal with distress and anxiety brought upon by changing life circumstances. I have found that I am more alert, more capable of meeting my goals in work and in life, and that I generally enjoy a greater sense of well-being, thanks in no small part to you. Although we didn't discuss this during our consultation, I suffer from mild symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. With the help of your treatment, I am finding it easier to maintain a healthy and productive outlook on life as we go into the winter months - even though my treatment was not intended specifically for that outcome! In short, I would like to say a hearty 'thank you' for your good work; I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends, family and colleagues.

Basheera Khan, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

Dear Chooi-Chin, I received the tape you sent, and wish to compliment you on the quality. I must have listened to a dozen therapy tapes, some by expert therapists, and I find your one to be by far the best: your choice of music, your tone of voice, your script - all spot-on. Thanks.

Alan Roy, Northamptonshire