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MP3s : Hypnotic Relaxation & Programming Audio

HP-001 Healing & Dealing with Pain
HP-002 Relaxation for Eustress
HP-003 Slim & Trim Programming for weight loss
HP-004 Painless Childbirth
HP-005 Play Better Golf
HP-006 Public Speaking
HP-007 Speed Reading
HP-008 Self-Confidence
HP-009 Hypno-Meditation & Self-Healing
HP-010 Stop Smoking
HP-011 Study Better to Excel in the Exams
HP-012 Programming for Slimming
HP-013 Sleep Better
HP-014 Enhancement of Sexual Joy
HP-015 Change Your Life
HP-016 Exams And Study Anxiety
HP-017 Fast Phobia Cure
HP-018 Fear Of What Other People Might Think
HP-019 Finding The Meaning Of Life
HP-020 Get Over A Relationship
HP-021 Healing Before Surgery
HP-022 Hypnosis For Fear Of Flying
HP-023 Self Esteem Ego Strength
HP-024 Stamp Album Hypnosis
HP-025 Travel Anxiety


Dreams & Hypnosis eBook

Exploring Dream Therapy is an important part of hypnotherapy. This small eBook gives you an insight into the relationship between the subconscious mind, dreams and hypnosis. It shows how to remember your dreams for guidance in life, towards solving daily problems and self-healing. By keeping a dream journal, or a small notebook by your bedside to write down what you remember dreaming, as soon as you wake up is the key. If you keep doing this and when it becomes a habit, it will eventually become easier to figure out solutions to problems, unravel life’s mysteries and understand yourself better, that you can then effectively talk about with your hypnotherapist.

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