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Special Talks
AD-0501 "Hypnosis, the Key to the untapped Subconscious Mind"
AD-0502 "Hypnotism's Role in Spiritual Intelligence"
AD-0503 "IQ, EQ or SQ - the Survival Instinct for the New Millennium"
AD-0504 "Connect Within to love your job and wipe out the stress"
AD-0505 "Self Hypnosis to Control and Manage Pain"
AD-0506 "The use of Hypnosis to Achieve Goals both at Work and Play"
AD-0507 "Hypnosis - the Ultimate tool for Relaxation and Sleep Management"
AD-0508 "Hypnosis and Holistic Healing"
AD-0509 "Hypnotize yourself to Reduce Weight"
Interested in Courses & Workshops
Self-Hypnosis Course
One-day Group Hypnotherapy Workshop
Half-day Presentation & Demo
The Vistage 1-Day Workshop
Interested in MP3 Products
HP-001 "Healing & Dealing with Pain"
HP-002 "Relaxation for Eustress"
HP-003 "Slim & Trim Programming for weight loss"
HP-004 "Painless Child Birth"
HP-005 "Play Better Golf"
HP-006 "Public Speaking"
HP-007 "Speed Reading"
HP-008 "Self-Confidence"
HP-009 "Hypno-Meditation & Self-Healing"
HP-010 "Stop Smoking"
HP-011 "Study Better to Excel in the Exams"
HP-012 "Programming for Prosperity"
HP-013 "Sleep Better"
HP-014 "Enhancement of Sexual Joy"
HP-015 "Change Your Life"
HP-016 "Exams And Study Anxiety"
HP-017 "Fast Phobia Cure"
HP-018 "Fear Of What Other People Might Think"
HP-019 "Finding The Meaning Of Life"
HP-020 "Get Over A Relationship"
HP-021 "Healing Before Surgery"
HP-022 "Hypnosis For Fear Of Flying"
HP-023 "Self Esteem Ego Strength"
HP-024 "Stamp Album Hypnosis"
HP-025 "Travel Anxiety"
Interested in Hypnotherapy Workshops
AD-0401 "Painless Childbirth"
AD-0402 "Sports performance"
AD-0403 "Public Speaking"
AD-0404 "Speed Reading"
AD-0405 "Self-confidence"
AD-0406 "Hypno-Meditation & Self-Healing"
AD-0407 "Stop Smoking"
AD-0408 "Play Better Golf"
AD-0409 "Study Better to Excel in the Exams"
AD-0410 "Stress Management"
AD-0411 "Programming for Slimming"
AD-0412 "Sleep Better"
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